Andra Pradesh

Super Code Games

Founded by Krishna Kanth Manchipalli
Located in Hyderabad, Andra Pradesh
Supercode Games is a Hyderabad-based leading online gaming company that started operations in 2018. We design high-quality cross-platform games for iOS, Android, Windows mobile, Desktops & Facebook. Our passion and talent for game development led us to the conception of Supercode Games, which made its way to the top among the best gaming companies in Hyderabad.

deepak [dot] supercodegamesatgmail [dot] com
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Street Lamp Games

Founded by Deepak Gurijala
Located in Guntur, Andra Pradesh
We had released our game BOMBARIKA on May 09th(iOS) and May 10th(Android) respectively. BOMBARIKA has done a great job on both Google Play store and iOS App store. Not only did the game get featured in 120+ countries in the category of ‘New games we love’ this week, in app store, but also the game got reviewed by top Game review sites such as TouchArcade, AppAdvice, SpielTimes etc,. Many Game critics had praised the game for short game completion time, unique gameplay and melodious music.

Many top most publishers approached Street Lamp Games to publish BOMBARIKA, but we found suitable collaboration with the legendary App publishers CHEETAH MOBILES (Makers of Piano Tiles, Clean master) due to their consistency, cooperation and history of successful games. Now, officially, the game is being published by CHEETAH MOBILES. With their collaboration, Team SLG is pushing their boundaries and introducing many more new levels, new power-ups, and new ‘bombs’. BOMBARIKA got featured as Game of the Day in App Store and stood in top charts once again. Happy Gaming!!
supportatstreetlampgames [dot] com
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This company is into, Serious Games/Applied Games ( gamification, stimulation).