Csharks Games

Founded by Eldhose P Mathew
Located in Kochi, Kerala
Csharks started its dream journey to the exciting world of gaming back in 2003 in a one-room office. From that humble beginning, the sharks have made their mark in the game development industry with their talent, passion & hardwork, in a short period of time.
In those early learning years, Csharks developed games in DirectX, J2ME, Flash, Flash Lite, Game Studio and Torque. As we grew in age and knowledge Starling – AIR, Android, iOS, OpenFL and HTML5 became our main focus.

Today, Csharks have released many game titles in Google Play store and iTunes store. Csharks is supporting many of the major game portals with regular games on a monthly basis. Our games are also available for branding or licensing.

At Csharks, we manage all the segments of casual game development including Game Design, Art Development ( 2D/3D ), Animation, Programming, Testing and lend them as individual services. We develop games in all the major platforms – Android, iOS, Flash, Html5, Unity and Windows armed with latest of technologies which enables us to deliver at minimal cost using crossplatform development.
eldhoseatcsharks [dot] com
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