Apar Games

Founded by Laxmi Khanolkar
Located in Mumbai, Maharashtra
Apar games, the game development arm of apar global pvt. ltd., began its journey in may 2007 in mumbai, india. apar games is in the business of online and mobile gaming. it does game development for ios, android, pc and consoles. with a process driven approach, commitment to quality and innovation, today it has contributed to over 100 published titles across the globe. apar games has not only established itself as a strong contender in the indian online gaming industry, but has also become a reliable partner to many developers and publishers in markets spanning the globe, from china to europe and america.
businessatmail-apargames [dot] com
This company seems to be active.
This company has a size of, 20-50.
This company is into, Product, Services, Serious Games/Applied Games ( gamification, stimulation).
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